Comic 175 - Epilogue Page 7

August 17, 2019 in Epilogue
Epilogue Page 7
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Author Notes:

CelticRose August 17, 2019 edit delete
I wasn't totally feeling this epilogue. One reason it was a bit short. ^^;

I did really enjoy Summer and Olivia though! So who knows. Spinoff???
(Psst! It could easily include fan-fave Baggie!!)

In the meantime. I wanted to thank each and every one of you again! Cross would never have made it this far without you! I hope you'll all stick around for my next series Black Nostalgia.

I believe I'll be able to start posting in about two weeks. Trying to actually build up a decent buffer this time! So, follow that page!

Thanks again, everyone!!
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Ryan Fullmer August 19, 2019 edit delete reply
Olivia has her father's jaw line.
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