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June 8, 2019 in Cross - Chapter 5
Page 140 - END
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CelticRose June 8, 2019 edit delete
Oh.... oh wow.... Guys. I did it!! I completed Cross!!!!


I'm sitting here... just not sure how to feel. Like... this was a five year journey for me. And I stuck it out! I didn't think I would!?! I thought it would go the way of my other attempted series.

Thank each and every one of you for your support! I would like to create a proper thank you page that goes after the Epilogue. If you want in on it, just message me what name you want on there, and I'll add you!
I wish I could hug all of you!


But!! Now that it's over, what did ya'll think? Was it worth it? And look! The first time we get to see sunlight in this gloomy city!

I actually want to finally tell everyone what the original ending was. It was pretty different!?
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Tigershark06 June 8, 2019 edit delete reply
Congratulations! Finishing a project is at once rewarding and numbing isn't it? There's this huge... NOW WHAT that happens! :)

Already RSS'd the revamped BN! WAiting to see the roll out! :)

Once again congratulations!
CelticRose June 8, 2019 edit delete reply
Thank you!!!! Yeah.... I'm still kinda shocked that I made it! Phew!!

Yay for BN! I really hope it's worth the wait! ^^;
Furlong27 June 8, 2019 edit delete reply
Overall, I enjoyed the story and the characters. But I just have to ask: why was Leon in this comic? More specifically, why was he a main character? He did absolutely NOTHING in this series! We spent a good five pages on how Leon is destined to kill Frost, but in the end, he didn't even do it! Also, the final battle was pretty anti-climactic. For supposedly being a powerful, ruthless dictator that stayed in power for years, Frost went down pretty easily.
CelticRose June 8, 2019 edit delete reply
Omg! I'm so glad that someone did ask me this!!

Okay!! Yes, Leon was written to be the main character. He was going to be the one to kill Frost originally. I also wrote the ending where ALL of Cross was going to die except him. But as things went along, I decided I didn't want to do that. One by one, they lived. And then, I also realized that I didn't want to kill Selina and have Leon be the hero. EVERY movie/story/whatever has the girl die and the boy survive. I wanted her to be the hero! ON TOP OF THAT!!! I wanted to also flip the hero-trope on it's head! Like, why is the male hero always the hero?
Leon just ended up being there cause he was there. Selina's the real hero of this series!

As for Frost! He did go down easy because he was getting old. Remember when Ukufa was talking to him about that? She wasn't saying it just to piss him off. [Well, maybe a little.] But it was true. Frost is/was like 45. He wasn't the toughened war-hero he used to be. He was once the leader of the Navy before he decided he wanted to be Minister. He got old, and not as good of a fighter as he once was. I guess I didn't really portray that well enough. However! There's plans for a prologue series, and in that, you'll get to see him in his prime, and why/how he became Minister!

Please feel free to hit me with any questions! :)
Casanova June 10, 2019 edit delete reply
What are your official means of contact, both on and off social media?
CelticRose June 10, 2019 edit delete reply
You can email me directly: chroniclesofatlum[at]
Casanova July 21, 2019 edit delete reply
I, for one, am incredibly glad that you did not use the tired cliché of having the reptilians be the bad guys.

Now, if Minister Frost were... say... a gerbil, that would have uprooted even more clichés! XD
CelticRose July 31, 2019 edit delete reply
Heh! Well, you know me! I love breaking cliches!! The villain of this story was always going to be a white wolf. The point was that anyone could do good or bad. :)

Making him a gerbil might've turned this into a comedy. Which I'm so bad at! HAHA!!
Extraro March 6, 2021 edit delete reply
A rare opportunity to see a webcomic end, which in it of itself is an accomplishment.
The amount of dedication is admirable.
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