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May 11, 2019 in Cross - Chapter 5
Page 136
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CelticRose May 11, 2019 edit delete
Is it him??

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Raizel Smith May 13, 2019 edit delete reply
Raizel Smith
I've followed you from the start CR and haven't been disappointed. Even though I moved country (and house)and other things that got in my life I just want to say, this is a fantastic comic! I really hope that you're alright and hope you have a wonderful day
CelticRose May 16, 2019 edit delete reply
That's amazing to hear! I hope you've enjoyed this story, and that you'll stick around for the next one!
I hope all your moving turned out well.

Thank you so much for the lovely comment!
Casanova May 14, 2019 edit delete reply
① I already answered your question on the previous page. 😜

② Selina once again forgot that, in the heat of the moment, Leon's not a trained soldier and thus never eliminated that burst of fear.
CelticRose May 16, 2019 edit delete reply
1) Ohhhh snap!

2) Too true! He's like one of only two members of Cross that wasn't in the Navy or the police force. He was just a civilian in the wrong place at the wrong time. D:
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