Questions from my lovely readers!

I'm always happy to answer any question(s) any of you might have. So feel free to send them to my Tumblr, dA, or the Facebook page!
Also, don't forget that you can direct these questions/messages to the cast as well!

1. What inspired you to write and design/illustrate Cross?
                     Haha! What didn't inspire me to make this story? To make a long story short, I got hit with this idea of a blonde, candy-making fox, and had no story for him. After watching movies like V For Vendetta and The Dark Knight Rises, I started to come up with the antagonists like Frost and Ukufa. That's when the rest of the cast came along and the story of Cross and their city Atlum came into being. 

2. What influences inspired you during the creative process of this specific work?
Mostly other comics and webcomics. Seeing other artists put out their work(s) is what keeps me going. When I actually sit down to create a page, I re-read the script (a lot!) and then thumbnail it out really quick. Then I draw it either in my sketchbook or on the Cintiqs at school and just go from there. I also have to have music! Or some kind of background noise. 
[Note: My music choices always depends on what I'm in the mood for. I don't have any specific genre or whatever when I'm doing a page. Your best bet on what I'm listening to would be Disneyland music...]

3. So is that a candy shop that Leon is in at the beginning? Is it his shop, or does he just work there?
It is a candy shop! It's actually inspired by a real candy shop I used to frequent a lot in a town I lived in for a few years called The Candy Box! [I thought I was being clever.] But the Candy Fox used to belong to his dad and mum before... Um. Spoilers. Sorta.
Anyway. After what happened to them, Leon took over the shop at the ripe ol' age of 18, and has his high school chum, Bruce, helping him out.

4. What was so important about the candy shop that the Hyenas did a full-scale raid?
Absolutely nothing! Frost's body-double had car trouble and just happened to be right in front of the Candy Fox. The Clan was close behind to sniff out, or stir up, any trouble!