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March 8, 2017 in Cross - Chapter 3
Page 85
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CelticRose March 8, 2017 edit delete
I'm updating on time! It's actually the night before for a change!! Ahh!! What is this madness??
Just one more page before the chapter wraps up!

I may take a little longer on my hiatus. Cross was rejected once again from a webcomic archive. So I'm feeling a little low at the moment... I'm going to keep going. Walt Disney himself was rejected so much when he first started too. I need to keep telling myself that.

In the meantime. Here's Ma'anika being her spooky blood priestess-y self.
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gin101 March 10, 2017 edit delete reply
All good things start out slow and with rejection but the more people begin to read it they will see how awesome this comic is ^^
CelticRose March 17, 2017 edit delete reply
Thank you!
That is my hope that one day this series will catch on. But the readers I have already are all pretty awesome! =)
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