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February 2, 2017 in Cross - Chapter 3
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CelticRose February 2, 2017 edit delete
Crap! It's 4am again. Maybe I should just change the day to Thursdays and make it easier on myself. Ugh...

Anyway. Two things!

Firstly, I forgot to give a huge shoutout to Lilly of Dark White!
Whom gave me awesome feedback on Ma'anika's design! Which was giving me a bit of trouble all the way up until her debut. Figures, right? So if you haven't, go read Dark White! It is awesome!!

Second order of business. I'm currently holding a small event for Valentine's Day! I want to do a little something with everyone's top favourite pairing! Just send in your votes to! Any Cross pairing is an option! Voting will end on the 10th. So hurry up!

Also. Those of you that thought Sabbath was just a cat. He's so pissed at me.... Hahahaha!! But trust me. Sabbath is scary...
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Johnithan August 5, 2019 edit delete reply
If my reading of the Dresden Files has taught me anything, it's that... beings, like Sabbath are to be treated with the same caution afforded to unstable explosives. All joking aside, wonderful work, it's been quite a while since I've read this and I'm kinda ashamed that I let it slip through the cracks like this.
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