Comic 90 - Page 80

January 26, 2017 in Cross - Chapter 3
Page 80
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CelticRose January 26, 2017 edit delete
EDIT 2/20/17: Fixed Ma'anika's accent, as I forgot to do it correctly the first time. Also tried to make Sabbath not blend in as much. Not sure that worked so well...

It's still Wednesday somewhere, I'm sure!!!!

Ok. I'm done pushing myself on these pages. At least for now. I literally just finished this. And it's now 4am my time.
But yay! New characters!!!! And it's page 80! Only twenty more to the big 1-double-o!!!
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LittleFox January 26, 2017 edit delete reply
Soooo...a non-antropomorph cat is something rare in Atlum?
CelticRose January 26, 2017 edit delete reply
Not exactly. But Sabbath isn't a cat at all. He's a spirit, and he's Ma'anika's familiar! =)
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