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January 5, 2017 in Cross - Chapter 3
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CelticRose January 5, 2017 edit delete
EDIT - 1/13/17: I went and added a bit more light to the third panel and lightened up the whole image. I hope it's a little easier for people to see!

Happy New Year, everyone!!!!!
I'm so glad I took my hiatus when I did. Cause this page, as you can maybe see, took me way way way too long to finish!! I dunno why I put so much detail into this one. It's not even that important! But at least you're getting a bit of a tour of Atlum. Welcome to the Shadows! Aka, the slums. It didn't always used to look like this. This was once the busiest, most lucrative part of the city. It was where all the fishing and such was brought in. Now, all the money the city still has is put into the naval shipyards. More on that little tidbit later.

In the meantime, how was everyone's holiday season?! Please talk to me! I've missed you all!
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Tigershark06 January 5, 2017 edit delete reply
Perhaps it's my screen resolution/colors... but it is extremely hard to pick anything out of this page...

Totally get that it's supposed to be dark... but there's so little contrast that all that lovely detail work is being lost. :(

Even the lanterns on the boat(?) I feel should be throwing a bit more radiance on the edges and the frames?

As it is I have to stare REALLY HARD and lean REALLY CLOSE to see what's happening.

I can tell you put a lot of work into it... but dark scenes are difficult to balance between the wanted lack of light and enough contrast to make objects stand out some from it.
Little Fox January 6, 2017 edit delete reply
I don't think it's too dark, there is a point in saying the lanterns should illuminate more, but if you come from an unlit area and look directly at them, you woul only see glowing points until your eyes would have adjusted.
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