Comic 79 - Intermission 01

September 11, 2016 in Extra
Intermission 01
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CelticRose September 11, 2016 edit delete
There's a big reason there hasn't been an update lately. I'm moving! It's been nothing but packing and organizing lately. Figuring out what goes where, and all that jazz. I have no idea when I'll be able to get on the comp and finish the page that's almost ready for colour. No idea what sort of connection I'll have at my new place. There's a lot of up in the air things right now. I'll report as soon as I know anything at all. But for now, I have work. Send good vibes, please? And keep an eye on the horizon!
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Little Fox September 12, 2016 edit delete reply
Oh god... I had to help my friends this weekend, they were moving, too. Being only three people to carry a houlsehold worth of boxes down from the 4th floor is no fun... You have my sympathy.
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