Comic 75 - Guest Comic 1 - 2016

July 11, 2016 in Guest Comic Event 2016
Guest Comic 1 - 2016
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CelticRose July 11, 2016 edit delete
Look! I'm not dead!! But I'll explain more later. For now, I'm just finally going to post the two awesome entries I got for the first comic event!

This is by the author of Aww, Feathers! (

You should all give it a read! It's a much lighter story than Cross is, if you want something different.

Thank you!! I have one more entry that will be up tomorrow followed by regular updates!
See you all tomorrow!
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Casanova July 16, 2016 edit delete reply
You only got two guest entries? :(
CelticRose July 17, 2016 edit delete reply
Unfortunately. While the two were awesome, I'm not sure if I'll do another event like this or not. Maybe, possibly something during the holiday season. But I'm just not sure. :(
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