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June 15, 2016 in Cross - Chapter 3
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CelticRose June 15, 2016 edit delete
Ok. What excuses do I have tonight?
Well.... There's graduation and my portfolio show this week. On top of me buying a new place to live. (Hopefully!) I've just been so crazy busy with life where all I want to do is sit down and work on comics. Things should calm down for a while after this weekend. I hope! Buh!
New update day is back to the very original days I used: Tuesdays!! I'm really hoping that now that I'm done with school, I might have enough time to do two pages a week. Fingers crossed, guys!!
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Tigershark06 June 15, 2016 edit delete reply
Way to get a BN nod into the comic! LOL!!
Guest June 17, 2016 edit delete reply
Um, what's "BN"? All I see is a "Phantom of the Opera" reference.
CelticRose June 17, 2016 edit delete reply
BN stands for Black Nostalgia. Which is/was my very first comic series. It's currently being rewritten right now. But it was how I got started. :)
CelticRose June 17, 2016 edit delete reply
You can't say you weren't expecting me to do at least one nod to my first series! ;)
Guest June 20, 2016 edit delete reply
Honestly, I just thought it was a "Phantom of the Opera" reference and nothing more. Shows what I know!
ShepEffect June 15, 2016 edit delete reply
And Selena passed out before she could kill them all because the boys gasped so hard they sucked all the oxygen out of the room; inadvertently saving their own lives for seeing the unknowable truth. Selena later awoke wondering what had happened, but possessed by a terrible, terrible embarrassed rage. The only thing that would save the group, is the utter destruction of the discovery they had made, and the absolute eradication of all evidence of its existence.

But they all lived under the shadow of Selena's simmering wrath.
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