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May 14, 2016 in Cross - Chapter 3
Page 67
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CelticRose May 14, 2016 edit delete
Baggie is so smug.

Anyway. Not much to report this week. Except that I am sorry about last weekend. Time got away from me. Next week's page should be on time. But please remember: I'm getting ready to graduate with my bachelour's degree and have a lot to do to get ready for it. So yes, updates may or may not be a tad sporadic until after June 17th.

Love ya, guys!
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Little Fox May 14, 2016 edit delete reply
Uuuh! A letter from the Bowens I guess? Baggie is such a strange person, going from happy with her win to caring mother-type and angry with Selina in a flash like that. But I like her! :-)
ShepEffect May 16, 2016 edit delete reply
Baggie: Lemme take a look, Leon. *CRACK*

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