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March 19, 2016 in Cross - Chapter 3
Page 62
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CelticRose March 19, 2016 edit delete
Look! I managed to get a page done the night before! Aahhh!! I'm trying, guys. But finals have been difficult. Which doesn't make any sense, as I only had one final project to deal with! Buh!

Anyway. Again, I'm sorry about last week. But I'm practically done with school for this quarter. So I'm going to be on break. Which I'll use to get a buffer started.

But a question for all of you! With the anniversary coming up in the summer (two years?), would anyone be interested in some kind of event? Maybe guest comics? Or just a contest or something? I dunno. Still got a little time to get it all together. I'd just like some input on what anyone might want to do. Feel free to message me if you don't want to comment!
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Little fox March 19, 2016 edit delete reply
Oh god, bad pounding incoming, Leon... I don't think he's ready to take our bad temperd fixen.
And I think a guest comic would be awsome. It's always interesting to see the interpretation of the comic drawn by other artists.
CelticRose March 26, 2016 edit delete reply
Haha! Yeah, a spar between these two was bound to happen sooner or later. And if Chopper eggs them on like this, it's more likely to happen.
But yeah? I think a comic event would be so awesome! I might start the event next month so that everyone can have it done in time for the anniversary. How does that sound to you, Martin? =)
Guest April 3, 2016 edit delete reply
Sounds great! But don't expect any entry from me, I couldn't draw something remotely good if my life depended on it. I'm more the guy to colour figurines. (Warhammer miniatures for example)
CelticRose April 10, 2016 edit delete reply
Awe darn!
Well, don't worry about it. There's no pressure on anyone! In the meantime though, you've now got me thinking how awesome it would be if there were Cross figurines! Eep!
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