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August 5, 2014 in Cross - Chapter 1
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CelticRose August 5, 2014 edit delete
Want a little info on Leon?
He's actually big family guy! Wants to find someone to have a family with. But with things the way they are, it makes it very difficult to meet anyone.
So it's not him being depressed. Things are just really difficult.
As Leon says, Bruce and Tara were lucky to meet as well as get married.

Any other questions about this world, feel free to ask!

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inejwstine August 19, 2014 edit delete reply
Why Leon, you're looking a little green. :<
brain-twinge October 13, 2018 edit delete reply
This comic looks great, the artwork is gorgeous and there's an ominous feel to the plot already. :D I can't wait to read more.
CelticRose October 19, 2018 edit delete reply
Awe! Thank you so much! I hope you enjoy the rest of the story. :)
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