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December 3, 2015 in Cross - Chapter 2
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CelticRose December 3, 2015 edit delete
Ok! Here we go! Finals are kicking my butt. Ugh! But I'd like to think this is a nice note to end on for the holiday hiatus. Everyone's favourite feline is back!. . . Kinda sucks that I picked December to be my month off. Since my bday is in just a couple days. Oh well! No biggie! Just means I'm gonna be busy.
Don't worry though! I still plan to post a couple holiday treats throughout the month! Cross isn't going anywhere! Pages will resume the first weekend of January!
So the cast and I wish all of you a safe, happy holiday season! Keep a weather eye on that horizon!
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craybest December 3, 2015 edit delete reply
lovely characters and drawings! so expressive! :D
CelticRose December 6, 2015 edit delete reply
Thank you so much! =D
I hope you're also enjoying the story! ^-^
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