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November 7, 2015 in Cross - Chapter 2
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CelticRose November 7, 2015 edit delete
Oh no! I missed a week again! I'm so sorry, everyone. Last week overall was chaotic. Things are calming down again, so there shouldn't be another interruption. Except for the annual holiday hiatus that begins at the start of December. I'll still (try) and post some stuff over the month for you all.

In the meantime, I'll give ya'll a guess at who's speaking in that last panel!

PS: My birthday is a month exactly from today. *Cough*
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Martin November 9, 2015 edit delete reply
Hm, I guess it's time for Selina's return, isn't it? So I say it's her speaking.
December 8th is your birthday? Hm, I hope I don't forget to give you my best wishes then.
CelticRose November 13, 2015 edit delete reply
That's a valid guess! ;)
And close! It's actually on the 7th. Thank you in advance! ^-^
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