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September 5, 2015 in Cross - Chapter 2
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CelticRose September 5, 2015 edit delete
A few hours late, but I got it done!
It would've been done last night, but I actually had a casting call for a haunted house. I am now a new haunt at the local Wussmaker! I'm so excited!
I have no idea what this means for the update schedule right now. Cause from now until the day after Halloween, my weekends are now completely booked. I may or may not have to switch to a bi-monthly update or something. I dunno yet. We'll have to see what happens.

Anyway. Here we go with more characters! And the site here is now able to be navigated with the arrow keys! Whoop!
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Martin September 12, 2015 edit delete reply
Just wondering: Did you acutally write something into these unreadable speech bubbles or is it just gibberish?
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