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August 29, 2015 in Cross - Chapter 2
Page 45
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CelticRose August 29, 2015 edit delete
Phew! Somewhat complex page is done, and on time! Go me!!
I really don't like transition pages. When I do them, they feel so pushed. Not in a good way. -Grumbles-
Anyway. I dunno how I did it without realizing it til I was colouring, but that second panel is just so full of blonds! Haha! But just so you all know, the lady cheetah is called Shani, and the handsome stud is Denny. [Though, I might need to redraw Denny when I have a little more spare time, cause his proportions are way wrong.]
In the meantime, enjoy some devilishly handsome Viktor as well! Eee!
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Martin August 29, 2015 edit delete reply
Hey Dana, I really like this page. You are right, Denny's hand seems a bit too big. Although, if he is a cold-blood horse, it might be quite right. They have very big hooves, so an antropomorphic cold-blood would have big hands and feet, wouldn't it?
Also, how old is Leon supposed to be? They all treat him as if he was a child...
CelticRose September 2, 2015 edit delete reply
Hm. That might be it! Thank you, Martin! I'll try and fix that hopefully this week.
Leon is supposed to be around 26. So he's not that young!
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