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May 2, 2015 in Cross - Chapter 2
Page 36
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CelticRose May 2, 2015 edit delete
Phew! Almost didn't get this done on time!

I am so sorry about last week. I got sick, and I had to do a 7-Day Animation Challenge for school. So that ate up a lot of time too. Bah...
If anyone's curious, I will post it sometime next week. And it won an award. "Shortest Short". Lol!

Anyway. All the aforementioned characters in the past couple pages will be revealed shortly. So stay tuned! =)

EDIT 9/5/15: I had a script error pointed out to me, so I quickly changed it. Sorry, loves! I dunno what happened that caused me to do something quite like that. Hm.
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Notboss May 2, 2015 edit delete reply
Yay!!! For some reason the wolf(don't know his name)Reminds me of wolf O' donnel. Nice work too.^^
Wildbreeze May 22, 2015 edit delete reply
The face in the last panel is great. :D And I LOVE the way his paws look!
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