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March 21, 2015 in Cross - Chapter 1
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CelticRose March 21, 2015 edit delete
And thus ends chapter 1!! I can't believe I've kept with this story for this long. Ah! THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT!!!!!!!

So, with finals next week, I'm taking a short break. Plus, not only is it finals, I begin an internship on April 1st in the middle of my break. Hrm!
I don't know for sure how much of my free time it will eat up. So I don't know if the schedule will have to change again or not. I really hope it won't!
Anyway. Please enjoy the page, as I spent way too much time on it!

EDIT: Pages will resume April 11th!
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Notboss March 21, 2015 edit delete reply
YES!!!! I LOVE IT!!! Now were getting deeper into the story!!! Yay!!! Great job!!! ^^
CelticRose March 29, 2015 edit delete reply
Thank you!!
So glad you like it. ^^

And because of a small family crisis, I have to push the Chapter 2 release date back a week. So I'll start posting again on April 11th. Is that ok? D:
Notboss March 29, 2015 edit delete reply
Yeah. Take as long as you need. I myself am going through a crisis too. I know how it feels
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