Comic 169 - Epilogue Page 1

June 29, 2019 in Epilogue
Epilogue Page 1
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Author Notes:

CelticRose June 29, 2019 edit delete
Not gonna lie, this was such a wonderful change to the grim-dark-grim of the main story!

But here we see Tara again after like five years! LOL
Who are these pups though?? Care to guess?

Oh! And also! Are any of you lovely readers going to be at AWU next month? I'll be there! I'm not going to have a table or anything. I'm a volunteer for a few hours each day, and hanging out the rest of the time. Come find me! I'll be wearing a badge! Though, I'll probably be spending time in the tabletop game room kicking everyone's tails at MTG. Hahaha!!
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