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October 24, 2014 in Cross - Chapter 1
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CelticRose October 24, 2014 edit delete
Here we are on our new day!

And check out the cool donation button that my hubby was able to get working for me. =D
Little announcement for you all: I've added a new reward to reach my goal on Patreon:
For any Patreon that donates $5 [or more, if you want!] you get your name put into the special mention page that will be part of the printed book! My ultimate goal on Patreon is to get enough funding to actually print physical copies of Cross and the other two volumes that will follow after.

After that announcement, I created a facebook page for announcements and such. So go give your support with a like!

I also don't believe that this is how anyone wants a first meeting to go. Hrm...
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Notboss February 17, 2015 edit delete reply
Just his face when he gasps is funny
CelticRose February 17, 2015 edit delete reply
Leon has a very fun face. :D
Notboss February 17, 2015 edit delete reply
I can't stop laughing and every time I see it I laugh more XD
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