Comic 156 - Page 129

March 23, 2019 in Cross - Chapter 5
Page 129
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CelticRose March 23, 2019 edit delete
Do you ever see the page in your head and think, "This will look great!" then you do draw it, and it's just no good? Yeah... That was the case here... I'm having a bit of an off week. I need a vacation, but there's other expenses I have to take care of first. It's frustrating...
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rich March 24, 2019 edit delete reply
Of course we're not gonna knock. Kicking the door in is much more fun
Casanova March 30, 2019 edit delete reply
I like that face on the last panel. It's almost like he's saying: "You know, it would have been easier to meet me by scheduling an appointment. Security would have let you in."
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