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March 16, 2019 in Cross - Chapter 5
Page 128
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CelticRose March 16, 2019 edit delete
Phew! New scene! And I overdid it again as usual... If any of you can guess where the design of that hallway came from, you get all the cookies!
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Tigershark06 March 16, 2019 edit delete reply
The haunted mansion at Disneyland?
CelticRose March 17, 2019 edit delete reply

YES!!!! So glad someone got it! :D
Tigershark06 March 17, 2019 edit delete reply
;) See that's the hallway I was facing when someone in a suit of armor (yeah I guess they decided to have some living people in there among the dead) moved off to my right and scared the bejesus out of me! It's only missing the mysterious floating candelabra! (Can you tell I've been to that attraction like a MILLION times!?)
CelticRose March 18, 2019 edit delete reply
Hahaha!! I have too! And the entire aesthetic of the ride is just so gorgeous, I had to make a shoutout. LOL!
My hubs suggested I should put the candelabra in there anyway just for fun. I wasn't sure how I could pull that off. AHAHAHA!!
But have you been there during the holidays?? They have Zero [Jack Skellington's dog] in place of the candelabra! It's amazing!
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