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March 16, 2018 in Cross - Chapter 4
Page 96
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CelticRose March 16, 2018 edit delete
Alrighty!! We're back in business! Who knew quitting your job would give you the edge to get a page done?
So yeah. That's why updates came to a screeching halt like they did. For that, I am sorry. But I'm back now. Pages will hopefully come regularly from here on out while I search for another job. This time, I'll try and find something that doesn't keep me away from home from almost dawn to dusk.

Anyway. Nik is still just being so extra. I simply can't with him.

I'm both happy and pleased with this page. I got so sick of looking at it.
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New reader March 20, 2018 edit delete reply
Love your work, glad it just paused and didn`t stop altogether.
CelticRose March 21, 2018 edit delete reply
Thank you!
And no. I want to finish telling this story. But my job just kept me so busy, I had no time for myself. We're back though. =)
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