Comic 120 - Page 95

January 7, 2018 in Cross - Chapter 4
Page 95
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Author Notes:

CelticRose January 7, 2018 edit delete
EDIT 4/14/18: I realized that Baggie had a line that needed to be changed for things to make sense. Oops.

Nik is so extra, I just can't even....

Anyway! Here we go! First page of the new year! And it was a doozy. All of (almost) the whole team. There are a couple other members. But I'm so lazy. Let's pretend they're just out scouting or something...

So yeah. This [possible] execution, while the whole city would be seeing it, I will keep the blood to a minimum. I'd rather not lose readers right now. Haha....!
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Klivord January 7, 2018 edit delete reply
I'd...actually love to see blood,
CelticRose January 10, 2018 edit delete reply
Heh. Well, there will be some. But I'm not going to show the gory details and keep it to a PG-13 rating.
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