Comic 117 - Holiday Raffle - 2017

December 11, 2017 in Extra
Holiday Raffle - 2017
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CelticRose December 11, 2017 edit delete
Hi everyone!
So I am, at last, back from my well-earned vacation. But I’m sure you can all relate, it was expensive!! The cruise line took it upon themselves to drain me dry. To make matters worse, I’ve been let go from my seasonal job. They claim that they simply didn’t have enough hours to keep me… I’m screwed either way until I find something. Help! Please!

I thought I’d try out this idea that I’ve been kicking around for a few weeks. A Holiday Raffle!!
I’m sure this looks like a cleverly disguised plea for money… But let’s be honest. It is. Please help! I want to be able to pay my bills and be able to do Christmas!

Rules will be relatively simple. If you have any questions though, feel free to shoot me an email:

The grand prize? A commission worth $65 of your choosing!
The worth of the prize may go up depending on entries.


1. Each ticket is $1USD each!
2. You can buy as many as you’d like. More tickets, more chances to win!
3. You must send your tickets to my PayPal:
4. The last day to enter will be December 31, 2017 [There may be possible extensions]
5. The winner will be announced January 2, 2018
6. If there are fewer than ten (10) raffle entrants, by the last day, everyone will be instead given a sketch commission worth $5USD.
7. If there are more than sixty (60) [which won’t happen anyway], the final prize worth will go up further!
8. These entries will be kept in a digital list, and then I will use a random generator to decide the winner.
9. The prize winner will be allowed to pick any type of commission they want off my list. They may choose one commission worth up to $65USD, or a handful of commissions that add up to the already specified total. [Restrictions may apply]
10. If the winner wishes to gift their prize away, they may! Just ask!
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Casanova January 10, 2018 edit delete reply
It is now January 10th, over a week later... was I the ONLY entrant?
CelticRose January 10, 2018 edit delete reply
I've actually been without WiFi for over a week now and have been posting everything from my phone. I made the winner announcement over on the Facebook page. I am so sorry to say that you didn't win this time.
But I am thinking about doing another raffle (with more prizes) for the third Cross anniversary this summer.
Casanova January 12, 2018 edit delete reply
Ah, Failbook. That explains a whole lot! 😆😜
So there actually were more than 10 unique entrants into your raffle? Cool, that's the important thing right?
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