A little info
by CelticRose

Still trying to figure out this site and how it all works. So far it's pretty cool! Not all that complicated.

But I thought as the author, I'd just mention now that while I am on my summer break for the next two weeks, I can't promise that updates on the series will happen all that often. I am a full time student working on my bachelour's degree. Being in my third year, things are pretty chaotic. Comic-making is something that I do in my spare time. So it isn't exactly at the top of my priority list, I'm sad to say.

In the mean time, I am always drawing and try to get pages done as well. Also, having a pretty early version of PhotoShop at home, it slows me down. Since I've been spoiled on Cintiqs and the newest PS programs at school. 

Anyway. I hope you enjoy what's coming!