The Story of Cross

The city of Atlum, capital of the strongest country Felia, is now ruled by the cold-hearted white wolf and his team of hyena cronies. Frost holds power over those below, while keeping the wealthy and influential on a tight leash. Atlum, once shining and strong, has now fallen to darkness. Not many are brave enough to stand up to him, for fear of the city's most terrifying punishment: being thrown into the Arena.

The story tells of a grizzled wolf leading an underground team that has the inside track on bringing peace back to the city and it's country. Fifteen years into the reign of terror brought on by the cruel Nicholai Frost, change is finally in the wind. Atlum’s final hope is the vigilante team called Cross. This small band of rebels are those that have lost family and loved ones on the night of Frost's rise to power. 

One thing is for certain: Atlum will never again be the same.


About the Author


D. Ingram (nee Trent) has been creating wecomics since 2006. She started off with another anthro story: a retelling of the famous tale of Phantom of the Opera. You may know it as Black Nostalgia over on deviantART. Recently, she has graduated with a bachelour degree in animation. While animation is her true choice of medium, she still has a deep love of comics and webseries. Inspired by many artists like Blotch and Rukis, she focuses mostly on anthro art.

D is living in California with her husband and their two dogs.